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10 Questions to Ask Your Breast Surgeon

woman attending a consultation with a breast surgeonThe experienced breast surgeons at Mountain State ENT & Aesthetics are personally committed to providing you with the facts, knowledge and honest recommendation you need to determine if cosmetic breast surgery is right for you. We understand that the decision to undergo breast surgery is an incredibly personal one. Your results will not only affect your figure and appearance, but also your confidence and self-image.

Your initial consultation is your opportunity to find out as much as you can about your potential treatment, from your surgeon’s experience to what you can expect during recovery. It is also our chance to meet you, answer your questions and make sure that the procedure you are considering is the right match for your goals, budget and lifestyle.

Like any important conversation, it’s important to prepare for your breast surgery consultation in advance. It may be beneficial to get a pen and paper to capture all of your concerns and questions prior to meeting personally with our breast surgeon. Whether you are considering breast augmentation, a breast lift or another breast surgery, consider asking your breast surgeon the following questions:

  1. How long have you been performing breast surgery? As with any surgical procedure, experience matters. Make sure your surgeon has the experience you need to provide the results you desire.
  2. Do you have before and after images I can review? Decades of experience may not matter much if your surgeon’s results are substandard. Don’t just take your surgeon’s word for it; ask to see examples of prior results for yourself.
  3. Why do you believe I am a good candidate for breast surgery? The results of your breast surgery will be long-lasting; make sure you understand why your surgeon believes the procedure is the right choice for your specific needs and goals. In some cases, a combination of treatments may be necessary to achieve your goals, such as combing breast augmentation with a breast lift. Be clear on why your surgeon is making your recommendation.
  4. What are my incision options and what do you recommend? Every surgical procedure will involve some degree of scarring. Find out which incision your surgeon plans on using and why.
  5. What are the risks and benefits associated with this procedure? The decision to undergo any elective surgery is important, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. We will carefully explain all of the risks and benefits associated with your procedure to ensure you are making an informed decision.
  6. Where will my breast surgery be performed? Your safety is always the top priority. In order to ensure your procedure is performed with the highest levels of safety, make sure it is performed by an experienced breast surgeon in an accredited medical facility.
  7. What will the recovery process be like? Beautiful, long-lasting results depend on the skill of your surgeon and your ability to closely follow pre and post-operative instructions. Before you commit to surgery, you need to be fully prepared for your recovery.
  8. Who will oversee my postoperative care? The quality of your results and ability to make a healthy, rewarding recovery require careful monitoring after your procedure. Find out who will be responsible for ensuring your recovery is on track and according to plan.
  9. When can I return to work? Scheduling time off to recuperate from surgery is an essential component of your pre-planning work. Find out how much time you need to take off from work to ensure a great recovery.
  10. What are your payment and financing options? We understand that finances often play a major role in elective surgery decisions. Ask about your surgeon’s payment and financing options to help make your goals a reality.

Learn How Our Breast Surgeon Can Help You

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