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Dr. A. James Paine, Jr.

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Great Skin Is Only One Peel Away (with Obagi® Blue Radiance® Peel)


Chemical peels are a great way to address a variety of skin concerns, which is why we’re excited to take a closer look at Obagi®’s exciting peel! Obagi® Blue Radiance® Peels are offered at our very own Healing Springs Medical Spa in Beckley, West Virginia to help all of our clients get the skin they desire. If you are a fan of smoother, tighter, and brighter skin, Obagi Blue Radiance Peel may be the right fit for you!  Continue…

How Can CoolSculpting Help You?

Paine, CoolSculpting - Image

Unfortunately for us all, we each tend to struggle with an area—or perhaps, areas—of fat that are seemingly resistant to even our best attempts at shrinking them. We, at Mountain State ENT & Aesthetics, are no strangers to these pesky pockets of fat. Plaguing our patients, many men and women come to us in hopes of finally loosing that last bulge.

CoolSculpting was designed with these hard to target areas in mind. Harnessing a controlled cooling, CoolSculpting cools and freezes fat cells, ultimately causing their destruction. As the body naturally metabolizes and eliminates the now-dead fat cells, you will see a noticeably slimmer physique. Whether it be a toned tummy, smoother thighs, or a svelte jawline—all are possible with CoolSculpting! Continue…