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Dr. A. James Paine, Jr.

Trusted Physician, Comfortable Environment & Beautiful Results.

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Spring FPST 2018-1

Spring FPST 2018-2

Spring FPST 2018-3

Spring FPST 2018-4

Winter FPST 2017-1

Winter FPST 2017-2

Winter FPST 2017-3

Winter FPST 2017-4

Fall FPST 2017-1

Fall FPST 2017-2

Fall FPST 2017-3

Fall FPST 2017-4

Summer FPST 2017-1

Summer FPST 2017-2

Summer FPST 2017-3

Summer FPST 2017-4

Spring FPST 2017-page-001

Spring FPST 2017-page-002

Spring FPST 2017-page-003

Spring FPST 2017-page-004

Winter FPST 2016-1

Winter FPST 2016-2

Winter FPST 2016-3

Winter FPST 2016-4

Fall FPST 2016-page-001

Fall FPST 2016-page-002

Fall FPST 2016-page-003

Fall FPST 2016-page-004

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