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Dr. A. James Paine, Jr.

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Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

Head to toe relaxation style massage. Uses light to medium pressure with long, rhythmical massage and kneading strokes. Great for introduction to massage novices.

Deep Tissue

Focuses on the deeper layers of the muscles tissue, and breaking up the tension areas of the body. This massage uses medium to deep pressure and more advanced techniques like elbow compression and stretching. Great for sore muscles and chronic pain.

Hot Stone

A massage with the use of warm to hot basalt (lava-based) stones. The stones are placed along areas of the body and used to fully administer a truly soothing massage. Deeply relaxing while helping to increase blood flow more than a regular massage.

Mini Massage

30 minutes of relaxation and pain relief, for those on the go!


Cupping is a form of therapeutic bodywork that is used to facilitate deep tissue release and aid in bringing about numerous healthful benefits to the body.


Warm Bamboo Massage is a powerful preventative therapy against modern day stress and physical concerns. Increases lymphatic drainage and helps remove toxins from the body.


A comforting and relaxing massage with wonderful benefits of aromatherapy tailored to you using top of the line DoTERRA oils and blends.

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