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Mastoid Removal Surgery

The mastoids are air cells located in the skull behind the ear. When these cells become diseased, it can cause an ear infection, which may spread to the rest of the skull. Dr. Paine can perform a mastoidectomy to remove diseased mastoid cells and treat the infection.

Should You Consider a Mastoidectomy?

An infected mastoid cell may require surgery to prevent the infection from spreading. There are three different types of mastoidectomies that Dr. Paine may recommend for your procedure:

  • Simple mastoidectomy
  • Radical mastoidectomy
  • Modified radical mastoidectomy

Dr. Paine will carefully observe and analyze your condition to determine which procedure is right for you. In some situations, patients are able to treat their infection with antibiotics. A mastoidectomy is necessary if the antibiotics do not work to cure the infection.

A mastoidectomy is often used to treat chronic otitis media—an infection of the middle ear that can lead to a cholesteatoma, or skin cyst. When left untreated, these cysts can grow and lead to serious health problems such as:

  • Brain abscess
  • Loss of hearing
  • Vertigo
  • Facial nerve damage or paralysis
  • Brain swelling (meningitis)
  • Inner ear inflammation (labyrinthitis)
  • Continuous ear drainage

Other reasons for a mastoidectomy include the placement of a cochlear implant—an electronic hearing device.

After Your Mastoidectomy

Dr. Paine will use stitches to close the incisions and will place bandages over your ear following your surgery. When you first wake up, you may experience a headache and some numbness from your surgery. Dr. Paine will prescribe pain medications to help minimize any discomfort you may feel during the initial recovery period. Topical antibiotic drops will be used to help prevent infection.

Mastoidectomy in West Virginia

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