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The innermost bone of the ear is known as the stapes bone. When the stapes stops functioning properly, it can interrupt the transmission of sound through the ear and cause progressive hearing loss. Dr. Paine can perform a stapedectomy to restore proper functioning of the ear and improve hearing.

Should You Consider a Stapedectomy?

The movement, or vibration, of the stapes bone can be hindered by a condition known as otosclerosis. Otosclerosis causes a hardening of sponge-like bone around the base of the stapes within the ear, fixing the stapes in place so that it is unable to vibrate and transmit sound properly. When left untreated, otosclerosis can lead to total deafness. A stapedectomy treats otosclerosis by removing the stapes bone and replacing it with a stainless steel wire surrounded by a small plastic ventilation tube.

Otosclerosis is present in about 10 percent of Americans and can be genetic. This condition most frequently develops between ages 10 and 30 and usually affects both ears.

Dr. Paine can correct otosclerosis with a stapedectomy to prevent hearing loss and restore normal functioning of the ear. Patients with tinnitus (a constant ringing sound in the ears) may also benefit from a stapedectomy procedure.

Your Stapedectomy Procedure

Dr. Paine will perform your stapedectomy under general anesthesia. The surgery will be completed through the ear canal, so no external incisions will be made.

After Your Stapedectomy

Your stapedectomy procedure will take roughly one and a half hours to perform. We will need to keep you in a recovery room for several hours to monitor your state. Most patients are able to return home the day of their procedure under the care of a loved one. We will provide you with antibiotics to help prevent infection.

Your ear will feel especially sensitive immediately following your procedure. It is important to avoid loud noises, blowing your nose, heavy lifting, swimming, or rapidly changing elevations for about a week. You should be able to return to work or school a week after your surgery. Talk to Dr. Paine for detailed aftercare instructions for your stapedectomy.

We have seen incredible results with patients who have undergone a stapedectomy procedure. Roughly 90 percent of stapedectomy patients show significant improvement in their hearing following their procedure.


Contact our office to schedule your stapedectomy consultation with West Virginia ENT specialist and board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. A. James Paine, Jr.

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