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Laser Tattoo Removal

Tri-Lase Q-Switched Laser Tattoo Removal

Each year, many people decide to get a tattoo. With the increasing popularity of tattoos, they are becoming more and more socially acceptable. However, not everyone is happy with his or her decision to get a tattoo and years later may wish to have their ink removed. If you are one of these individuals, Dr. A. James Paine, Jr. at Mountain State ENT & Aesthetics can help you!

At Mountain State ENT & Aesthetics and Healing Springs Medical Spa, we utilize the Tri-Lase Q-switched laser, which is the number one laser choice in tattoo removal. This is a minimally invasive and low-risk procedure.

During your consultation, our Nurse Practitioner, along with Dr. Paine will sit down with you one-on-one to assess the color, size and type of your tattoo. This will allow Dr. Paine to determine a treatment plan and cost.

Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure

In the past, tattoo removal has gained a reputation as being a painful process, much like getting a tattoo in the first place. However, the Q-Switch laser tattoo removal process used at Mountain State ENT & Aesthetics ensures an effective and comfortable process for the patient.

The treatment area will be numbed with a local anesthetic to decrease any discomfort felt by the patient. The laser treatment is quick and will only take a few minutes, depending on the size of the tattoo. Usually tattoos will need 3-9 treatments depending on the age of the tattoo, depth of the ink on the skin, and type of ink used. Sessions are placed 4-6 weeks apart to allow the body’s immune system to naturally remove the pigment fragments.

Laser Tattoo Removal Recovery

Apply anti-bacterial ointment and ice to the treated area. If a scab is to form, it is imperative not to disturb it. Otherwise, scarring could occur. Mild redness, swelling, and bleeding and/or blistering could occur. These symptoms should subside within a few days after the procedure.

Laser Tattoo Removal Results

You will start to see results after your first treatment. The tattoo will continue to fade each time you receive a treatment.

Laser Tattoo Removal

If you are rethinking your ink, contact Mountain State ENT & Aesthetics or call (304) 255-0330 for a complimentary consultation!

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