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This Spring, Say No to Allergies

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For many of us, the lightness of spring is a welcome change from the dull days of winter. However, for many men and women, April showers bring more than just May flowers—as the season ahead also ushers in a number of symptoms related to allergies. At Mountain State ENT & Aesthetic, we understand that allergies often prove to be frustrating and can put a damper on the spring season. Along with Dr. Paine, we are pleased to have a full-time allergy technician—making it possible to provide you with in-office allergy testing and treatment.

Allergy Symptoms

Allergies are bound to affect everyone differently. While some may only experience mild symptoms, for others, symptoms can be more severe and can even interfere with one’s ability to go about their daily activities. Common symptoms include:

  • Fatigue and headaches
  • Coughing, sneezing, or wheezing
  • Irritated, itchy, watery, red, or puffy eyes
  • Congestion or dripping, runny, and itchy nose
  • Sore or itchy throat
  • Medical conditions such as asthma and frequent sinus infections

Know Your Triggers

For most, allergies are caused by an allergic reaction to pollen. However, there are other common allergens such as mold and animal dander. Dr. Paine encourages his patients to keep track of common triggers, including when and where their allergies are at their worst.