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Dr. A. James Paine, Jr.

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Vascular & Pigment Treatments

Aesthera IPL PPX
This is an ideal treatment for all skin types and is a popular treatment for both men and women and for young and older skin types.  As well as rejuvenating your skin leaving a healthy and youthful looking appearance, this IPL also treats: blotchy and uneven skin pigmentation, active acne, redness of the skin, acne rosacea, brown spots, freckles, sun damage, facial tread veins and some skin rejuvenation.  This is the first modality in our photo-facial.  We can also use infusion with this piece of equipment.

Vera-Lite 532
The Iridex 532™ is a piece of equipment that can be used to treat vascular and pigmented skin lesions through use of a laser. The laser generates a beam of intense concentrated light, which targets a certain area to remove unwanted lesions. This is also one of the steps we use during IPL.

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