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Vectra 3D Imaging

Vectra 3D imaging is software that provides a realistic preview of the procedure outcome before surgery takes place.

Commonly Asked Vectra 3D Imaging Questions

If my consultation is for breast augmentation, will I be able to see what different implants are best for me?
Yes. You will be able to see how you would look with different size and types of implants. You will also be able to see the possible benefits of a breast lift in conjunction with the augmentation.

How close will the simulated result be to the actual result?
Actual results will be very similar to the simulations. For breast augmentation, VECTRA simulations are based on the actual implants that your surgeon will use.

Will this software help my surgeon to see that my breasts are different sizes?
VECTRA software includes special tools to show the size and position of each breast. Breast “asymmetry” is very common, and VECTRA analysis helps your doctor develop a surgical plan that will compensate for it if necessary.

Will this software help my surgeon decide if I am a good candidate for surgery?
That is a decision you will make with your physician. VECTRA 3D can show you the possibilities of the procedure, but is not intended as a substitute for a medical consultation.

Can my doctor show me where the scars will be?
You doctor should be prepared to discuss the possibility of scarring or any other effects from the surgery.

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